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Both men and Women are generally confused about the best way to lose body fat.

First, let’s be clear that losing weight and losing body fat are not the same thing.  To lose weight, you can: literally go 24 hours without eating, or sit in the sauna and sweat for an hour, but what you’re looking for and the result will not be the same.

Now that we understand the difference, let’s move on to the king of fat loss we desire. Let talk about energy balance. That is, how many calories you’re taking in and how many you are expending.  You will not lose fat if you’re taking in more calories than you’re expending over a consistent period of time. No we will not start counting calories; I am simply making a point.  However, the seemingly simple equation of calories in – calories out = fat loss, doesn’t quite cut it for most of us, especially women who want to look good, feel good, be healthy and strong over the long haul.  There are other things to consider.

If energy balance is like the sun of fat loss then hormones is the earth.  Total calories determine if you’re gaining or losing mass, but hormones determine what the makeup of that mass is (i.e. fat, muscle, bone, etc.).  Because hormones control metabolism, and both hormones and metabolism are dynamic, fat loss isn’t quite as simple as, “eat less and be skinny.”

Calories matter, and so do hormones like insulin and cortisol when it comes to losing weight.

So we know that the key to fat loss is a combination of energy balance + a healthy hormone profile.  But the question is, how do we achieve that? Well first we must understand where our numbers are. Getting a checkup from our doctors that includes blood work is the place to start. The results of the lab work will aid us in determining what tools to implement to better achieve success.

Characteristics of “Fat Loss tools” include

  • Nutrition , Vitamins and Supplementation.
  • Utilization of several large muscle groups workout combination.
  • Proper level of physically demanding routines for the proper amount of time spans. Rate of perceived effort on a scale of 1-10 should be an 8 or 9 intermittently throughout the workout (1 = lying on the couch, 10 = sprinting at max speed)
  • The recognition, avoidance or reduction of manmade estrogen products.