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Nutrition Plans That Work For YOU!

I am here to help design a nutrition plan that is sustainable for you, whether you love the Paleo Diet, are a steadfast vegan or someone that needs help keeping their hand out of the cookie jar. We will not count calories, but we will identify healthy foods that you enjoy. And yes, well-deserved “cheat days” will be included! The plans are created to revolve around your schedule and needs. I take the guesswork out and build a plan you will want to stay on.

Meal Plans are our level 1 nutrition solution, meaning they are the simplest approach we offer. This service is ideal for someone who wants a meal plan for ease of meal prep and/or general health reasons. It is ideal for persons seeking to lose a few pounds and or improve their eating habits.

A meal plan is ideal for someone who understands the importance of nutrition and need some help making nutrition choices. A meal plan provides a customized schedule for calories, macronutrients, and meals. The cost is $100. Per month,

With certifications in fitness nutrition, sports nutrition, and other areas, as well as years of experience helping persons learn the ins and outs of nutrition, we can create a plan to help you meet your goals.

What you get:

  • Initial nutrition assessment-detailed intake paperwork helps us learn more about you so we can create a plan just for you
  • Custom meal plan-a plan customized to you is the best plan to help you reach your goals
  • Detailed meals and foods to eat-know what to eat and how much
  • Specific times to eat these meals, based on your schedule and your goals
  • Recipes for meals (where applicable)-take the guesswork out of how to prepare food
  • Shopping list-know exactly what you need to buy and how much
  • A chance to review and ask questions as well as one revision

What to expect from our meal plan service:

After you pay for the program, we send you an email confirming payment. This email includes new client intake paperwork that everyone must sign, such as the new client questionnaire and health questionnaire. You fill these out, return them to us, and we review them. If we have any questions, we either ask via email or schedule a time to talk on the phone. If there are no questions, we move on to the meal plan creation.

In 3-5 business days after you fill out the intake form and answer any additional question we have, we’ll create your meal plan. Once we deliver it, you have 24 hours to review, ask questions, and request a revision. All reasonable revision requests will be accommodated. If a revision is requested and accommodated, we will return the revised plan to you in 3-5 business days.