Corporate wellness

We provide various services for corporate wellness, all at affordable group rates. Among these services are:

  • Exercise seminars—teach form and function to your employees to ensure they understand how to exercise in a safe and effective manner.
  • Wellness & Nutrition seminars— help your employees understand the role of nutrition in health, fitness, and weight management, with practical and easy to implement methods for doing so. A way to assist your employees in understanding how health and wellness is part of everyday life and not just what you eat or how you exercise. Focuses on stress management, relationships, rest and, of course, exercise and nutrition.
  •  Personal training and nutrition packages—if you want your employees to have access to personal training, we’ll come up with an integrated plan that is cost effective and helps your employees stay fit and healthy.
  •  Group plan templates—if you prefer to keep costs low and the process less involved for employees, we’ll create exercise and nutrition profiles for goal types. You can then distribute these as downloads or handouts to employees or store them in a database for employee access. Alternatively, we can host the plans for you and provide employees access to a monthly per head or group cost.


While the above-listed services cover the area’s most corporate wellness programs seek to include, if you have additional needs, or need help figuring out what to offer, contact us, and we’ll help you figure it out. Keep in mind that a consulting fee will apply.

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