About me


  • Masters of Science in Applied Nutrition
  • Masters of Arts in Health Care Administration.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Exercise Science.
  • U.S. Army Master Fitness Trainer, M.F.T.
  • Athletic and Fitness Association of America AFAA – C.P.T

Personal Trainer, Coach, Blogger, Author.

“The best coaches and trainers should educate and empower their clients. Enabling them to become independently successful at maintain their achieve goals.” Mike Grimes

I am a specialist in weight control, strength training, muscle tone development and supplementation, I believe that all clients deserves to understand the essentials to achieving their health and fitness goals. As a veteran of the United States Army, I have always enjoyed physical training, successfully becoming an Army Master Fitness Trainer, MFT. After helping my mother through a personal battle with weight loss and the transformation of her health, I decided to help other people in the same manner.

An enthusiast of all things health and fitness, I place focus on the value of proper nutrition and supplementation. I am a no nonsense straight forward communicator with my clients regarding fitness and nutrition. After gaining my certification I concentrated my efforts on working with clients to transform both their bodies and nutritional habits.

I prefer to educate my clients on all the things they can do and not just tell them all the things they cannot do. It’s important that my clients learn how to incorporate a healthy lifestyle into a fun and social experience. I do not want you to be the guy that cannot have a couple beers with your buddies while watching a big game. And I surely do not want you to be the woman that feels she can’t enjoy a piece of cake at her friend’s birthday.  Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed.

I am a firm believer in goal setting and teamwork. Taking pride in jointly helping my clients achieve their aesthetic goals and also optimizing the performance of their bodies to improve their health and quality of life.